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Balancing lead generation with branding

    Blog    29/05/2017

This month at SaveMari we are going to explore lead generation and branding and how you can balance them in your business. However, before we get to the important aspects of it, let us understand what lead generation and branding are, and how we can effectively use both.


Lead generation is the process of attracting and transforming strangers and prospective customers into leads. A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s service or products you offer.

In order to understand how these two different concepts an work to together you also need to understand what a brand is.  A brand is defined as an idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers identify or connect with, from the name, to the logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image.

Branding is when that idea or image is advertised or marketed so that it is recognised by more and more people, and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product.

When it comes to lead generation and branding, marketing departments are always being asked to do more with a limited budget and, what tends to happen is that they are asked to spread the budget across both campaigns, when in most cases the budget is only enough for one of them.

A number of businesses see lead generation as the foundation of the plan to move the business forward. The more leads you have the more your business will sustain itself and thrive.

We have already established that lead generation is about bringing in a customer base to sell specific products or services, and brand campaigns are about capturing and retaining the approach or vision of the company with the customer base so that they can continually connect with the business.

Developed companies such as Adidas and Nike for example, are known to focus more on branding, and rightly so, as it sells the ideas, vision and message the company or organisation is trying to get across. In addition, a number of big companies have grown rapidly through aggressive marketing and brand campaigns.


The lesson to learn or take away from companies which have grown overtime or overnight is to create content that is memorable and entertaining.  Customers resonate with something that they can identify with. You will find that content that is either entertaining or that a customer identified with helped those companies sell their products and, also helped build their lead generation model. This is why companies are starting to add emphasis on both lead generation and branding to create the balance, and understand their customer base better.

It is important to develop engaging content that will keep your prospective customers or audience base captivated. Both lead generation and branding campaigns should be given equal importance, where branding supports lead generation and vice and versa.

If a customer understands your business, the vision, and is satisfied with the product it will give them an incentive to keep coming back to the brand, and will keep it at the fore of their mind so that they remember it when it's time to make a purchase.  It may also create new leads.


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